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NYSC BAYELSA: In Kaima Camp?

  For those of you posted to Bayelsa state and presently, undergoing Orientation  in Kaima Camp in kolokuma/Opokuma local government area of the state, a hearty -WELCOME  to You.
  I will like you to know a few things that you should be mindful of while in the Camp and even after, if you  intend to stay and not to redeploy to another state.... But before then let's take;
        a glance at Bayelsa State:
Bayelsa State was created on October I,  1996 out of the old Rivers State. The state has a total of 8 Local Government Areas namely :
1.  Brass
2.  Ekeremor
3.  Kolokuma/Opokuma
4.  Nembe
5.  Ogbia
6.  Sagbama
7.  Southern-Ijaw and;
8.  Yenagoa.
There are four main languages which are Izon,  Nembe,  Ogbia and Epie-Atissa. The major religions in the state are Christianity and traditional worship... The state occupies the people there mainly in fishing,  lumbering, palm-wine tapping, local gin making, carving,  weaving,  palm-oil milling, trading e.t.c. Most outstandingly, the state is rich in plantain and assorted kinds of seafoods. Worthy of notice is that, a greater area of the state is covered with water; hence, her capacity to contribute over 30% of Nigeria's Oil Production, and gas. Its slogan is the glory of all lands.  ...

        As you're in camp
    I will like you to take a greater advantage of the SAED program.
An example of the benefits derived from that program is this blog from which you're reading right now. It was conceived in the middle of one of the SAED programs.
The SAED program will to a large extent, determine how you spend your service year while on the 2nd and 3rd(i.e. Primary Assignment and Community Development Service, respectively) Cardinal Programs of the NYSC. While in the Camp for your Orientation Courses; which is the first of the four cardinal programs of the NYSC, parade is mandatory for everyone except those with health challenges. You may not see the necessity of the ManOwar drills in Camp presently, but you'll appreciate it more when it's flooding and you have no other choice but to use a monkey bridge to CDS: 'cause attendance is mandatory; another prerequisite to POP: 4th cardinal program of the NYSC. So, take your time and decide on which of the skills you'll like to acquire before the training begins. This is to avoid confusion, due to the numerous opportunities each of the skills will present.
     Do not underestimate the power of any of the activities and programs presented in kaiama Camp... They all have their usefulness. 
Nevertheless, anticipate a lot of fun on the carnival day,  usually the last Saturday in camp.....
 Corper Brown
Imiringi CDS Group. 

NB: some of the information in this article  was extracted from Orientation Programme & Service Guide that was given in Kaima Camp...

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