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The Secret That You Never Knew About NYSC-PCMs Take Note

As an ex-corper, I've been there,  I've seen it, I've experienced it, I've felt it... The very essence am committed to bringing it out here is so that you'll learn from it... It's also to call to attention the Authorities to see that things are being done the way they ought to be done from the beginning.
To the PCMs, after you've received your call-up letters, it's essential to take along the following:

  • Passports
  • Your call-up letter 
  • Birth certificate/affidavit 
  • Your educational certificate(s)
  • Your school's ID Card
    Things you'll need in the Camp:

  • Pen, stapler to use and affix your passports to the various forms that will be issued out to you... 
  • Toiletries including bathroom slippers, buckets and towels... 
  • Ropes and pegs unless you intend to use the dry cleaning services that will be available in the Camp. 
  • Threads (NYSC colors) and Needles cause there's always something to amend in the uniforms that will be issued out, unless you intend to pay a huge amount to the camp Taylors to fix a button or a stitch.
  • A pair of rubber canvas(white) and 2 to 3 pairs of white-green striped socks.
  • White polos(2 to 3)
  • White shorts(2 to 3)
  • Jean trousers(for carnival) 
  • Black undies for the white wears
  • Food-flask, spoons and fork for the camp food,  unless you intend to eat from restaurants in the Camp ...
  • Sweaters and heavy socks if you're posted to a region with adverse weather conditions like cold... 
  • Torchlight in case of visits to the toilet or bathroom during lights-out.
  • Insecticides Treated Net
After Camp, unless you're cut out for junk foods/eateries; you'll need the following :

  • Camp gas or stove or both.... 
  • Electric stove and kettle will save your gas... 
  • Kitchen wares/utensils...
The rest of the things are at your own discretion and comfort.
While serving, you're expected to attend CDS  meetings and not miss it unless for any of the reasons stated in the constitution such as;

  • Ill-health 
  • Marriage 
  • Graduation 
  • Funeral, e.t.c.
and this must be put in letter  writing as you await approval by the State Co-ordinator.
Also, it is expected that you continue in your  SAED training in the group to which you belonged in Camp... Now this is where the big secret lies.
At the end of the training, on the POP ceremony day, you'll be issued two certificates:

  1. your discharge certificate and; 
  2. your saed certificate...
The discharge certificate will always be yours but you can't be too sure of the saed certificate. As your name will be printed on just any saed group, often by coincidence will you be certified in a field you actually acquired the skills from, which is not supposed to be so.
I was just favoured that although I didn't get my certificate in ICT group or Cosmetology, which I devoted myself to, I have a well of knowledge in the group for which I was issued a certificate. Otherwise, I would have rejected it.
I have no idea if that's what happened in other states of the federation... But that's exactly what happened in Bayelsa State on the 12th of April, 2018 on our POP ceremony.
I therefore urge you to be careful and alert to it.... Even as I plea that the respected Authorities do something to prevent such a mix-up in the nearest future.

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