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Why Suicide? My Thoughts!


Why suicide? My thoughts! 

By Victor Omotor

It's now a recurring decimal in our sphere to wake up to the news of one suicidal death or the other.
You may be wondering, why now? Why suicide?
Yes, suicide shouldn't be an option, I strongly hold this view too.
But you see, suicide isn't as spontaneous as it appears. 
It starts from somewhere. 
It often times begin with a frustrating experience(s) that would lead to  depression, which in turn impacts the victim's mental health negatively if left undetected. 
It deteriorates faster when the victim sees or feels no one around him or her good enough to listen to his or her battling thoughts. 
The shame, pains and fear of stigmatization, sometimes coupled with low self esteem, keep people bottling and choking with suicidal thoughts on a daily.

I mean, people are going through a lot you never can tell from the looks on their faces. 
And the fact is, anybody can be holed up in suicidal thoughts. Anybody! 

Very recently, our own screen goddess, Nse-Ikpe Etim, revealed how she had to battle with depression upon being diagnosed with Adenomyosis and how she got over it.

But now, real the question is, why on earth would someone despair to a point of taking one's life? 

The answer is best individualistic and intrinsic!

But I tell you the truth, that as long as; 
– we keep constituting ourselves as Judges over other people's affairs,
– we keep placing high expectations on people even when we ourselves, can't meet a good fraction of those expectations,
– we detest looking objectively (without sentiments) into people's concerns, emotions and feelings,
– we keep placing ourselves as being too mature and only approachable to a certain class of people,
– we keep acting like life's race is strictly personal without looking out for another, 
– we keep posting of better lives on social media, just to impress and intimidate others even when we're suffering big time on the inside,
– we collectively and consciously don't want to create an enabling environment for all to thrive irrespective of affiliations, when we assume Public offices,
– people battling with depression keep seeing a bunch of immature hypocrites in us,
– mutual trust and respect is on the decline and "confidentiality" gradually phasing out, even to our Professionals who are oath-bound, 
– parents and care givers keep being hostile and unfriendly to their wards, all in the name of discipline - archaic!
– we keep being our brothers' keepers only in worship centres and on the pages of the Holy Bible and finally, 
– we don't come to terms with the admonitions in the Holy scriptures about anxiety and worry.
Then I'm sorry to say, this spate of suicidal deaths may just be a joke, compared to the kind that awaits us in the near. 

Let's talk less and listen more to people who cross our paths daily. 
Let's learn to lend a shoulder to the people we find around us in the little ways we can.
Let's learn to reach out to one another in times like now, not just waiting until they're demised before we start eulogising them. 
Let's be more conscious of each other in this trying periods.
Let's draw closer to our Maker in deeds and I tell you, together we will stamp out this scourging menace from amongst us. 

It's very possible! 

Good morning Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬

Victor Omotor is a Public Affairs Analyst and Social commentator.

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