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Welcome to longrich. 

Here is a guide to help you choose products that will take you to your chosen the prices. 
<note> : the prices may vary depending on production cost... 

In here, you'll also be exposed to the different packages and PVs

Products that can give you 30PV
            Option A
1 mosquito repellent
1 bamboo soap
1 sod
1 roll on
1 calcium
Total PV...30.45 PV
Total amount...11450

             Option B
2 calcium
1 roll on
Total PV....31 pv
Total amount....9850

            Option C
1 libao
1 mouth freshener
Total PV...30.2 pv
Total amount.....10550

             Option D
1 mengqian
1 mouth freshener
Total PV....30.2 pv
Total amount...10150

Products that can give you 60PV
           Option A
1 Heavy flow pad/pantiliner
2 soap
Total PV.....60 PV
Total amount...25000

         Option B
4 calcium
1 bamboo soap
Total PV...60 PV
Total amount....19300

      Option C
1 cup
1 calcium
1 toothpaste (200g)
Total PV....62.25 PV
Total amount...25000

 Products that can give you 240PV
         Option A
1 cup
1 cordyceps
2 berry oil
4 calcium
1 mosquito repellent
Total PV....240 PV
Total amount....91650

         Option B
1 heavy flow pad/pantiliner
2 berry oil
6 sod
6 toothpaste (200g)
6 roll on
6 bamboo soap
2 calcium
Total PV....240.2 PV
Total amount...94700



1. Wine
Total PV =60.5pv
Total Amount=25k

1. 2 Calciums
2. Athro-Supreviver
3. Roll on
Total PV=63.5pv
Total Amount=25k

1. 1carton of sanitary pad/pantyliner
2. Calcium
Total PV= 63.75pv
Total Amount=25k

1. Athro superiviver
2. Berry oil
3. calcium
Total PV = 69.25pv
Total Amount=25k

1. Pi cup
2. 2 calciums
5. Toothpaste
Total PV=62.25pv
Total Amount=25k

1. Libao
2. Mengquain
3. Calcium
4. White Tea shampoo
Total PV= 72.95pv
Total Amount=25k

1. sanitary pad /pantyliner
2. 2 Bamboo soap
Total PV= 60pv
Total Amount =25k

🌹 ( PACKAGE 8)
1. 5 calcuims
2.  Sod cream
3. White Tea Shampoo
Total PV= 76.15pv
Total Amount=25k

🌹 (package 9)
1, .6 calcium's
Total PV=82.5pv
Total Amount =25k

🌹 (Package 10)
1).1 pad/panty liner 50pv at  #20400
2.) 2 soaps 10pv @ #4600
Total pv 60pv
Total price 25k

🌹 (package 10)
1.) 4 calcium 55pv at #17,000
2.) 1 soap 5pv at #2300
Total pv 60pv
Total amount...#19,300

🌹 (package12)
1.)1 Alkaline cup 45pv at #19200
2.) 5 toothpaste 17.5pv at #7,750  
Total PV...62.5
Total amount #26,950

🌹 (package 13)
1.) 2 berry oil ...66pv at #23,8v00
Total Pv 66pv
Total amount #23,800


1. *Cataract: you need our Berry oil, cordyceps & NutriV rich pink

2. *Cervical Cancer: You need our pad and liners, cordyceps, Alkaline cup, vitamin C 

3. *Cardio-Vascular Disease: NutriV Blue, Vitamin C and Berry oil 

4. *Diabetics1: you need Berry oil, cordyceps and NutriV pink

5. *Diabetics2: you need  Slimming tea, Alkaline cup, Berry oil, Blood fat tea, and cordyceps

6. *Fibroid: NutriV Pink, Alkaline cup, cordyceps, panty liners 

7. *Ear infection: cordyceps

8. *Glaucoma: Berry oil, NutriV blue, cordyceps, panty liners 

9. *Gonorrheal: cordyceps, Alkaline cup, NutriV Blue and panty liners 

10.  *Hypertension: Alkaline cup, NutriV Pink, Berry Oil and Calcium 

11.  *Leukemia: NutriV Blue, Berry oil, Alkaline cup, Libao

12 *Impotence: cordyceps, Berry oil, Libao

13. *Low Blood sugar: NurtriV Blue, Artho Super Revive, Bone M

14.  *Kidney: Berry oil, cordyceps, Alkaline cup 

15. *Menopause problem": Berry oil and cordyceps

16.  *Hepatitis (Liver): Berry oil, Alkaline cup and cordyceps

17.  *Low Immunity: Berry oil, NutriV Blue, Alkaline cup 

18. *Mouth ulcer /bleeding gum: Toothpaste, cordyceps and calcium 

19.  *Malaria: Berry oil, Nutri V Pink, Green tea 

20.  *Migraine Ache: Berry oil 

21.  *Ovarian tumour: panty liners, alkaline cup, NutriV blue, Berry oil 

22. *Stroke: Arthro Super Revive, Nutri V pink, cordyceps and alkaline cup

23.  *Pile: Cordyceps, Xinchang tea, Alkaline cup, Athro  Super Revive 

24.  *Syphilis: Alkaline cup, Berry oil, cordyceps, NutriV Blue 

25.  *Prostrate Cancer: Alkaline cup, panty liners, cordyceps, NutriV Blue, Blood fat tea

26.  *Ulcer: Blood fat tea, Berry oil, NutriV Blue, alkaline cup 

27. *Vaginal yeast infection: Panty liners, Berry oil and cordyceps 

28.  *Unhealthy Skin: Sod cream, Baby soap, body wash, Berry oil Alkaline cup 

29.  *Staphylococcus: Panty liners, Nutri Vpink, Alkaline cup, cordyceps, Blood fat tea 

30. *Toothache / tooth Cavity: Calcium and toothpaste 

31.  *Rheumatism: Panty liners, Calcium, Arthro Super revive, Nutri V Blue 

32. *Urinary Tract infection: Cordyceps,Berry oil, Blood fat tea 

33.  *Male infertility: Berry oil, libao, Nutrition V pink or blue 

34. *High cholesterol: Nutri V pink, Blood fat tea, Alkaline cup and slimming tea 

35.  *Hair Breakage: Anti Dandruff shampoo and baby Shampoo 

36.  *Inflammation of Colon: Cordyceps, Berry oil, NutriV Blue 

37. *Gall bladder Disease: Cordyceps, Arthro Super revive, NutriV Pink, Green tea and alkaline cup 

38.  *Dysentery: cordyceps,Berry oil, Blood fat tea, Alkaline cup 

39.  *Arthritis: Calcium, Arthro Revive, panty liners, Bone M, energy shoe 

40.  *Bad Breath: Mouth freshener, toothpaste and Green tea

41.  *Asthma: Alkaline cup, Mouth freshener, NutriV Pink, cordyceps

42.  *Breast Lumps: panty liners, Alkaline cup, Berry oil, cordyceps

43.  *Body odour: our soap, roll on, body wash 

44.  *Eczema: Sod cream, Nutri V Pink, Berry oil, Alkaline cup 

45. *Female infertility: Mengqian, Panty liners, Berry oil 

46.  *Fracture: Calcium, Arthro Super revive, Bone M, Energy shoe

47. *Tiredness: Berry oil, Arthro Super Revive, Cordyceps 

48. *Leprosy: cordyceps, Berry oil, Nutri V Pink, Arthro Revive, Alkaline cup 

49.  *Scars: Sod cream and Berry oil 

50.  *Memory Loss: Cordyceps, Nutri V pink, Calcium, Berry Oil 

*All are tested and trustedπŸ‘

Help save lives!
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LONGRICH growth progression chart

Ranks               Group PV required
πŸ’Ž1 diamond-     720
πŸ’Ž2 diamond-    1,680
πŸ’Ž3 diamond-    3,600
πŸ’Ž4 diamond-    15,000
πŸ’Ž5 diamond-    75,000
πŸ’Ž6 diamond-    225,000
πŸ’Ž7 Diamond-    450,000
🌟1 Star director- 1,500,000
🌟2 Star director- 3,750,000
🌟3 Star director- 9,000,000
🌟4 Star director- 20,000,000
🌟5 Star director- 60,000,000

Rank Requirements:
πŸ’Ž1 diamonds         Nil
πŸ’Ž2 diamonds.        Nil
πŸ’Ž3 diamonds.     2diamonds on any 2 legs
πŸ’Ž4 diamonds.     3diamonds on any 2 legs
πŸ’Ž5 diamonds.    4 diamonds on any 2 leg
πŸ’Ž6 diamonds.     5 diamonds on any 2 legs
πŸ’Ž7 diamonds.      diamonds on the 3 legs
🌟1 Star director.  6 diamonds on the 3 legs
🌟2 Star director.  7 diamonds on the 3 legs
🌟3 Star director   1 Star director on the 3 legs
🌟4 Star director.  2 S director on the 3 legs

 Star director.  3 Star director...

We have various Entry levels as shown below.

You can join at any level, there is room for upgrade.

You get all your money back in products of your choice.

This means there is no registration amount.

It's just you buying the products you want and automatically becoming a partner of this prestigious company.

1. *VIP -1680 Pvs (N750,000 )*  (earn 1% share of global sales from 188 countries where Longrich operates) + 12% weekly bonus!

2. *PLATINUM -720pvs (N320,000)* 
 (earns 12% weekly bonus)

 *3. GOLD - 240pvs (N97,000-120,000)* (earns 10% weekly bonus)

 *4. SILVER - 120PV (50,000-75,000)*
 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

*5. QSILVER - 60PV* *( 25,000-40,000 )* 8% weekly bonus 

*6. Starter Combo (Student Package) - 4PV  - N9800.*

*** No monthly targets or compulsory monthly purchases

*** No penalty for none repeat purchase or flushing of points

*** Same points generated by your team and paid for by the company as weekly bonuses , can qualify you for free trips, cars and still move you from one rank to another...

*Longrich Registration Requirements*

Applicant full name:
Phone no:
Date of birth:
Name of bank:
Acc. holders name:
Acct no:

Longrich Account Details
Bank... Zenith Bank
Acct name.... Longliqi Int'l Nig Ltd
Acct no....1012908177

Send your Proof of payment and the details to me and I'll take it up from there for your registration.
Welcome onboard😊.

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